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Business Case for TX


With 2 teams left, who wins?  Everyone can.  Here’s how.  Boeing and Lockheed Martin are going head to head for the US Air Force’s new trainer after two other teams dropped out.


This should be the easiest acquisition in years.  No question, the USAF needs a new advanced trainer to replace its 50-year old T-38s. 


Who will the winner be?  Hopefully everyone.


Boeing.  Boeing wins by letting this one go. The behemoth has its hand full with KC-46, new F/A-18 orders, and delivering Saudi F-15s.  And don’t forget Air Force One.  Let Boeing’s St. Louis, Missouri fighter line concentrate on new aircraft for the Navy down the road. Big Boeing commercial doesn’t need this order and neither does the innovative Phantomworks  They’ve already juiced up their design teams with work so far, and they’re a player in unmanned aircraft.  Building a new trainer production line will take too long, and for what payoff?  Move on.


Trump White House.  President Trump won’t be in on this decision.  However, it would take any experienced businessman about 45 seconds to decide.  Low risk, fast delivery, predictable cost all point to T-50.  Yes, in a real-world business case, T-50 should win in part because Lockheed Martin makes really, really, good fighters.  It’s called a track record.  It’s why you like to use a great craftsman over and over again.  It’s why Drake Witte is the only mason who touches the circa-1757 brick at my house.  Follow the business case and buy the T-50 off the shelf. 


Air Force.  The USAF’s been talking trainer for 10 years and slipping it due to budget cuts.  Buy of the shelf, buy it fast, help ease pilot pipeline problems, and avoid more big repair bills on the dear old T-38s. 


The Mattis Pentagon. Can do itself a favor by going with a proven product from the best fighter house in the world and get back to the thorny dilemmas of defeating ISIS. 


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