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Macron, Trump, May meet in Europe, 2017

Syria Strike and Military Lessons for North Korea and Iran

Dr. Rebecca Grant

Kim Jong Un may or may not have watched news coverage of the strike on Syria by the US, Britain and France.  If he did, he and the North Korean elite saw four things that should make them want to talk even more.  Same goes for the mullahs of Iran ...

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CNN: Tramadol Trafficking and Terror in Africa


Synthetic opioid trafficking is a huge new revenue target for ISIS affiliates -- think Al Capone and the liquor gangsters.  Read about the UN's concerns on opiod trafficking in this piece by CNN.

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Battling ISIS On Our Streets


We’re fighting the terrorist diaspora on our streets.

In 2016, ISIS attacks killed 1456 in multiple countries.  For 2017 the death toll after the truck attack in New York City stands at 685.  The ...

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Beast Mode for F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet


22,000 lbs. of weapons.  That's what  the F-35 fighter can carry, with internal and external stores together.  Pilots call it Beast Mode.  Who knew our newest stealth fighter had a Beast Mode?  Yet ...

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Drones and Unmanned Tech

Daily Mail UK, 2015

PLA Training for AI

Can Trump Stop China From Taking Away American AI Dominance?

Dr. Rebecca Grant

China wants to catch the USA in AI technology by 2020 and surpass us in 2025.  Then China plans to lead the world in economic and military applications of artificial intelligence by 2030.  So said former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work at a US Naval Institute talk December 4 ...

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