B-21 Bomber First Flight Softens Up China on Nukes and AI

Range, Stealth and AI

Combat Capability Coming Fast

The Air Force’s super-secret B-21 Raider stealth bomber quietly made its first flight in California on Nov. 10, flying from the factory to Edwards AFB at not much more than tree-top level.  Yes, right before China’s President Xi Jinping visited San Francisco.  As I wrote for Fox News Opinion, all of the sudden China wants to start talks on AI and nuclear weapons.   On Nov. 15, the White House confirmed the U.S. and China will talk about the risks of advanced AI systems.  Little wonder, for the B-21 is full of AI.   As the B-21 matures through flight tests, it will move rapidly toward combat capability.  It’s the only U.S. Air Force combat plane with the range and stealth to chase China’s mobile missiles and carry the deep penetrating weapons to hit underground bunkers if North Korea or Iran threatens nuclear mayhem.   China’s diplomats would love to talk us into stepping back from artificial intelligence in the B-21 and other military applications.  Fortunately, the B-21 Raider will keep America’s AI advantage for long-range airpower.