Israel is Biden's Biggest Crisis and US Security is on the Line

USS Gerald R. Ford underway refueling. US Navy photo

Saturday, Oct. 7, was Israel’s 911.  And it’s become President Joe Biden’s biggest national security test, as I wrote for Fox News Opinion.  Biden has sent 2 aircraft carriers, more USAF fighters, has Marines at the ready and is restocking munitions like Small Diameter Bomb and the Iron Dome interceptors, to name a few.  The stakes go up and up.  Israeli tanks and troops are massed on the border with Gaza.  The  U.S. State Department on Oct. 19 warned American abroad to watch out.     Failure here emboldens Iran, or worse.  Time is up.  Hamas military capability has to be wiped out, to show Iran the plan to ramp up terror won’t work.  And Russia and China need to see American resolve  in action.