China Takes Back Pandas from Washington, DC

To Xi Jinping, Pandas are Political

Goodbye to 51 years of friendship

Most Beloved Ambassadors Ever

October 1 is your last chance to see the Smithsonian's pandas at the Washington National Zoo.  Read my Fox News Opinion piece on why this marks an end to the 51 years of attempting to be friends with the Chinese Communist party.  Turns out China was only leasing them to the USA, and two adults and their three-year old cub are going home.  Guess who is keeping their pandas?  Moscow.  Whether its military aggression, assaults on the dollar or building more nuclear weapons, China doesn't do panda diplomacy anymore.  I'm sad to see the pandas leave, but America has a lot more to lose if we don't regroup fast and diminish the role of China in our economy and international politics.