Air Force Gen. Brown May be Next JCS Chairman

His motto is Accelerate, Change or Lose

Tough on China

No Air Force JCS Chairman since 2005

Biden may soon tap Gen. C.Q. Brown to replace Gen. Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so I'm reposting my Fox News Opinion piece on Brown written in June 2020.  Brown is from an under-represented group: the Air Force.  Only 4 of 20 Chairmen have come from the Air Force, and the last was Gen. Richard Myers, who retired in 2005.  Before Myers, the gap went back to 1982.  With threats from China affecting air, space and cyberspace too, America needs an airman as the most senior military adviser.  Brown is a fighter pilot who has the innovative perspective and command savvy from running airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  He commanded  Pacific Air Forces where he constantly pointed out the dangers of China.  His motto is “accelerate, change or lose.”  He's done well as Air Force Chief of Staff and is the right choice to move up.  Bring it on!