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US Navy's Aviation Crisis


It’s becoming a familiar story.  Monday, November 12, 2018, an F/A-18F Superhornet fighter-attack jet flying from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan crashed while on deployment in the Western Pacific.  An MH-60R Seahawk helicopter also from USS Ronald Reagan’s Carrier Air Wing 5 crashed on October 19 ...

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CNN: Tramadol Trafficking and Terror in Africa


Synthetic opioid trafficking is a huge new revenue target for ISIS affiliates -- think Al Capone and the liquor gangsters.  Read about the UN's concerns on opiod trafficking in this piece by CNN.

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Battling ISIS On Our Streets


We’re fighting the terrorist diaspora on our streets.

In 2016, ISIS attacks killed 1456 in multiple countries.  For 2017 the death toll after the truck attack in New York City stands at 685.  The ...

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Beast Mode for F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet


22,000 lbs. of weapons.  That's what  the F-35 fighter can carry, with internal and external stores together.  Pilots call it Beast Mode.  Who knew our newest stealth fighter had a Beast Mode?  Yet ...

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American Political Culture

After Helsinki, Russia's Real Goals for Their Evil Cyber Tools

Rebecca Grant

After Helskini, here's a little historical perspective.  

Russia has very evil tools, and they are after far bigger prizes than the DNC.  Their 2016 campaign sought to gain influence, pick up dirt by hacking, and sow discord, which is the classic pattern they carry out in many other countries ...

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We Have A Trump Doctrine: Principled Realism

Dr. Rebecca Grant

We have a Trump Doctrine.  It's principled realism and here are the 4 principles: Protect the Homeland, Promote American Prosperity, Peace Through Strength and Advance American Influence Abroad.  Read the National Security Strategy

Power is central.  American economic power is at the foundation and it’s the engine of ...

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Stalinist Feminism and Your Voice


The days of Stalinist feminism are over.  So when Michelle Obama said “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice”  I had to respond.  Her remark was enough of a sweeping generalization to be described, with a bit of humor intended, as Stalinist feminism.

“Stalinist” is ...

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