After Helsinki, Russia's Real Goals for Their Evil Cyber Tools

Watch out for Russian Electronic Warfare

Scary Lessons from Ukraine and Syria

Vote Tabulation Not Online

After Helskini, here's a little historical perspective.  

Russia has very evil tools, and they are after far bigger prizes than the DNC.  Their 2016 campaign sought to gain influence, pick up dirt by hacking, and sow discord, which is the classic pattern they carry out in many other countries.  

Actual intrusions to US voter mechanisms were not effective.   Here is the August 2016 CNN piece on Russian hacking attempt on Arizona voter registration.  

All this was summed up in a rare Joint Analysis Report on the Russian cyber attacks on prominent individuals codenamed Grizzly Steppe, emailed to me and thousands of others 29 Dec 16.  This intrusion snared Podesta and who knows who else. 

Russia’s after military, cyber and space.  Remember the August 2015 attack on Pentagon unclassified network? Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are big cyber enemies of the US, according to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.  These state actors "are penetrating our digital infrastructure and conducting a range of cyber intrusions and attacks against targets in the United States," Coats told Congress.  The lights are "blinking red" said Coats on July 13, 2018.

Russia is also a major electronic warfare adversary, as I told Fox News Radio.  They fielded new EW and cyber capabilities in Ukraine.  Syria today presents the “most aggressive [electronic warfare] environment on the planet from our adversaries,” the head of Special Operations Command said in 2018.  Countering Russia's EW is a big part of the Pentagon's multi-domain operations strategy.