Biden's "progress" in Afghanistan Makes Me Scream

Taliban need economic aid, says Biden

U.S. Airlift excels, but started late

Incompetent as Commander-in-Chief

On Sunday Aug. 22, President Joe Biden told the nation he’s “made a lot of progress” with Afghanistan and “history is going to record this was the logical and rational decision to make.” Excuse me while I  scream, as I wrote for Fox News Opinion.  You won’t believe Biden’s comments on the Taliban.  Instead of delivering a strong warning from the White House, Biden said “the Taliban will need economic assistance” and foreign aid because “they are seeking legitimacy.”  And by the way, the Taliban are “a ragtag outfit” who “don’t control all their forces.”  Biden is a terrible Commander-in-Chief without an ounce of strategic agility.  Make no mistake.  Afghanistan was a problem for years, but it was Biden’s disastrous string of decisions since July that caused the fall of Kabul and took a huge chunk of America’s reputation along with it.