Behind the Ugly Battle for Afghanistan

20 years of fighting, 2,352 American deaths and it comes down to this: can Afghanistan’s government forces pull back and hold on until the Taliban over-extends its military push?  Afghanistan's government is trying a simple, if brutal strategy, as I wrote for Fox News Opinion Aug. 12.  In early August the Taliban began rolling up small provinical capitals in territory they already dominated.  The Afghanistan government’s strategy is to consolidate around Kabul and other population centers, then draw the Taliban into a fight they can’t win.   Don't forget the impact of warlords and airpower.  Its too early to tell, but if it works, the Taliban will be broken as a military force.  

America hasn't lost an embassy like this since Nov. 4, 1979 in Tehran.  Don't blame the U.S. military, as I wrote for Fox News Opinion Aug. 16.  This intelligence failure belongs to the White House and State Department and Congress isn't innocent either.