Stopping Russia's Putin in Ukraine

Ukraine Fighting Back

Washington's Dirty Little Secret

Why the US, NATO could help more

Ukraine wasn't a real strategic interest, thought many policymakers in Washington, DC.  That all changed Feb. 24 when delusional Putin attacked Ukraine.  Yes, Biden has ruled out the use of American troops in Ukraine.  But there's much the US and NATO could do to help Ukraine fight off Russia and Putin's bid to resume the Cold War.  Read my take here from Fox News Opinion.  Biden's pathetic and passive response to Russia's military build-up carries a share of the blame for the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine.  But Ukraine is fighting back, which shows how much careful, timely assistance from the US and NATO could make a difference.  I'm talking military intelligence, position and status of Russian forces, cyber defense, countering electronic warfare, and more.  Think what a Patriot anti-aircraft missile battery could be doing.  Russia needs control of the air to move big armored forces on roads, and it would have been easy to deny them that edge.

Russia's first phase struck Ukraine command and control and integrated air defense networks.  Right about now Russian commanders are tallying up the battle damage from the first waves to evaluate the need for restrikes.  The next phase where ground forces take terrain objectives is underway, but its much more difficult.  Russian forces have carried out massive wargames, but combat is different, Ukraine is resisting, and Russian forces are widely dispersed.  That's a big span of control for Russian commanders who've only done this for practice, not for real.  This campaign is more diabolical and complex than anything Russia has attempted before.  

The North Atlantic Council meets Feb. 25.  We always knew NATO's weakness was its slow military decisions.  But with Ukraine fighting back, let's hope the US and NATO  help deny Putin the win.