Rules of Stealth

Low Observables and Radar

What's Behind Counter Stealth

Tactics of the Future

America's B-2 stealth bomber made its dramatic first flight thirty years ago on July 17, 1989.  Today, America's military is preparing to face advanced threats from Russia, China, and others.  Can the B-2 still dominate?  Yes, says this short paper Rules of Stealth.  Low observables break up the air defender's chain of detection, fire control and missile launch.  With updates that refine survivability tactics, the twenty B-2 bombers are still at the heart of conventional war plans and nuclear deterrence for the United States.  Much of the counter stealth chatter comes from Russian military equipment marketing.  Stealth is a mix of technologies and tactics matter.  The B-2 and soon, the B-21 Raider, will shoulder important global security tasks in the decades ahead.