Putin Wants Kyiv

Western Supply Routes Vital for Ukraine

World Horror at Casualties Won't Stop Putin

Wants Russian Flag Over Smoking Rubble

Putin wants to catch Zelensky and take Kyiv.  His model?  Berlin, 1945.   Read my Fox News Opinion piece on why time's running out to supply Ukraine.  At the end of World War II, Russia's Red Army took Berlin from Hitler's Nazis.  Russia was our ally then, but that model of victory  may stick in Putin's mind.  He was born in 1952 but Putin's family suffered through the Siege of Leningrad and lost his elder brother and many other relatives in World War II.  The city fight won't be easy.  Ukraine's forces have fought well and moving on Kyiv will expose more Russian forces to attack.  Deep in their bones Russia's officers remember how city battles like Stalingrad swallowed up whole German divisions.  Time now for NATO to keep the western supply routes open.