Battling ISIS On Our Streets

We’re fighting the terrorist diaspora on our streets.

In 2016, ISIS attacks killed 1456 in multiple countries.  For 2017 the death toll after the truck attack in New York City stands at 685.  The NYPD fighting ISIS just as much as our forces in Syria.

This is the terrorist diaspora.  The FBI warned us last year to expect 2-5 year upsurge after Caliphate crushed in Syria/Iraq.  ISIS used to recruit fighters to come to Syria.  Now ISIS wants its crazed converts to carry out havoc in the US and other countries.  With 87% of its territory retaken, ISIS is shifting tactics.  One path is seeking areas of control in other countries.  The Philippines just kicked ISIS out of Marawi after a 5-month struggle.

The ISIS caliphate in Syria/Iraq fed terror cells around the world – Indonesia, Canada, France Australia, US, Turkey and many more.  As a result, immigration policy is now a national security concern.  ISIS doesn’t respect borders, so we must.  Immigration vetting has to be one tool among many to reduce this national security threat here in our towns, cities, college campuses.  We owe it to our international partners to reduce the threat.  Does that mean making it harder to enter the US?  Yes, and it’s just as important as intelligence and surveillance. 

Think about it.  We will be dealing with the terrorist diaspora – spread across borders and via the internet – for 5 to 10 more years, minimum.  As to immigration policy, the world has changed since the Diversity Green Card lottery activated in 1995 under President Bill Clinton.  Why are we turning down applicants from NATO allies or anti-ISIS Coalition partners while admitting Uzbeks? Fair question. 

No immigration policy will make us “safe” from terror by itself.  But we can no longer ignore the vulnerabilities in our current policies.