B-21 Raider Bomber Shock Effect

First New Bomber in 34 Years

Russia, China Have Nothing Like B-21

Nuclear Deterrence Priority

It's nice to shock China.  On Dec. 2, the Air Force rolled out the super-secret B-21.   I was there, and wow.  This is a strikingly beautiful,  advanced bomber.  Read more of my opinions on the B-21 for FOX News.  Russia and China have nothing like this new stealth bomber.  "It's a testament to our strategy of deterrence," Sec Def Lloyd Austin said.  Frankly, the Air Force has done a poor job buying new planes recently, but here's a chance for Congress and the USAF to budget for cost-efficient production, maybe 15 per year at peak.  The B-21 is both a conventional and a nuclear bomber, but in these scary times, it is a boon to the nuclear deterrence Triad.  Yes, missiles and submarines are important, but it's the bombers taht keep adversaries guessing.  Russia or China or whoever simply can't count on tracking all the B-21s.