Global Military Operations

Smart Data Fusion for Multi Domain Operations


Data fusion at the tactical edge is a top need for the US military's new concept for Multi-Domain Operations.  US forces came to rely on combat data networks developed in battles in Afghanistna, Iraq ...

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F-35 in the Pacific


US military options in the Pacific depend on airpower.  This paper examines how stealth and legacy fighters like the F-35, F-22 and F/A-18 among others may be deployed to counteract Chinese activity and give ...

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Remembering Desert Storm


Strike sorties over Iraq and Syria now total 32,828 for the 3-year war that began in late 2014.  That's close to the number for Operation Desert Storm.  On Janaury 17, 1991, the US-led ...

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Contested Seas


Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, USN, Ret. and Dr. Rebecca Grant discuss the Navy's requirement for versatile, bluewater fighting capability in its surface combatant fleet.  

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